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Abigail Teitgen

Biocom California Institute Graduate Education Fellow

Abby is a fourth year Bioengineering PhD student in Dr. Andrew McCulloch’s lab at UCSD. She is interested in utilizing multiscale computational modeling techniques to study heart disease. Specifically, her research focus is on assessing the effects of a novel heart failure therapeutic on ventricular mechanical function and myocardial energetics from the molecular to organ scales. This will be her second year as the high school outreach chair through the Bioengineering Graduate Society at UCSD, and she has been involved in outreach activities throughout her undergraduate and graduate studies. She is passionate about working to introduce high school students to career paths in bioengineering. As a 2021-2022 BCI Graduate Education Fellow, Abby is developing and teaching a bioinformatics module as part of the Illumina Genomic Discoveries high school program.