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Kevin Grimes

Professor of Chemical and Systems Biology; Co-director of the SPARK Program at Stanford University School of Medicine

Kevin Grimes is a Professor of Chemical and Systems Biology and Co-director of the SPARK Program at Stanford University. He received his MD at Brown University and his MBA at Stanford University. He was clinical faculty at Stanford and served as a White House Fellow as Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense before fifteen years in leadership positions in the medical device and biopharma sectors. SPARK advances promising research discoveries into novel therapeutics and diagnostics; educates faculty and trainees in translational research; and promotes more efficient approaches to drug development. Over 50% of SPARK projects are licensed or advance to clinical trial. SPARK’s methodology has been adopted by over 60 academic institutions in the SPARK Global network. Grimes teaches graduate courses on drug discovery and teaches and practices internal medicine. He has received awards for excellence in clinical teaching and excellence in classroom teaching of graduate students.