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Nan Li

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Nan Li is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Dimension, a dedicated investment firm at the interface of technology and life science. Nan has a mixed technology, investing and entrepreneurial background and has been an active early stage venture investor for over a decade. He is interested in the application of cutting edge technologies including computer vision, AI/ML, NLP, robotics, and automation systems.

Prior to Dimension, Nan was a Managing Director at Obvious Ventures where he led the frontier tech practice and invested in numerous companies applying core technologies towards industrial problems. This includes Dexterity; Recursion Pharma (NASDAQ: RXRX); SwiftScale Biologics (acq. by Resilience); Planet (NYSE: PL); Octave; Iterative Scopes, AI Fleet; Dyno Therapeutics; LabGenius; Anagenex; Gandeeva Therapeutics; and Inato.

Nan is a first-generation immigrant from China and grew up in Detroit. He enjoys music, photography, culture, puzzles, all Detroit sports, and general nerdom.