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Biocom California’s Capital Development & Partnering team is focused on attracting greater investment dollars to California’s life science industry to spur innovation and create new opportunities for early-stage companies to pursue their missions of improving the human condition worldwide.

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Locations and regions

Our Venture Days take place throughout the state and focus specifically on drawing investors to meet with life science and biotech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Each event is tailored to the needs and strengths of each region. Due to the changing business climate, many Venture Days are now held virtually by video conference.

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Venture Capital

Venture Capital is just one way investors can help finance companies through private equity. It generally comes from a fund that spreads its investments out strategically to create a portfolio.

How It Works

Venture Capital investments are typically made in rounds and sometimes come with managerial or technical expertise that can help companies reach specified goals.

How to Apply

Members can view upcoming Venture Days on our Events Calendar and register to attend. Companies and investors can contact us directly with any inquiries.


Our Capital Development & Partnering team is constantly making new connections to expand our network and create new opportunities for our life science members.