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Are you looking for a way to get more actively involved with Biocom and the life science industry? If you're a Biocom member, that's easy... join a committee! With over 15 different committees ranging from CRO to Legislative to Medical Device, there's something for everyone. Committees serve as a forum for networking and discussing current trends and issues. They also help plan events that are relevant to the industry with timely topics.


Biocom Committees

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From molecular data to patient data, our life science companies are faced with the unique challenge and opportunity of harnessing the big data tsunami. This initiative will aim to identify the new trends and best practices in data generation, knowledge management and information technology that are critical to our members success. Please contact George Bonaros to join this committee.


Implement and manage aggressive financial capital development actions required to attract, sustain and fuel growth of the region. Please contact Jennifer Landress to join this committee.


This committee has built a unique support network between industry companies and CROs. They help to identify ways that industry members can work with CROs to strategize about their specific needs. Please contact Kira Jenkins to join this committee.


Biocom members understand how wireless and mobile technologies could revolutionize healthcare, which is why we launched our Digital Health Initiative uniting the industry to increase digital health awareness and overcome legislative barriers. Please contact Kira Jenkins to join this committee.


The Biocom Institute Diversity Committee will assist in the growth of two new major initiatives of the Biocom Institute (ILSE Program and STEM In Your Backyard). Members will give input on how to effectively increase outreach for participants. This committee will give support for reaching professionals in the industry who wish to give back to currently underserved populations.In addition, the committee will serve as a resource for making connections with other organizations that may be able to offer collaborative support for these two programs.For more information on the specific programs above or to join this committee, please contact Sara Pagano.


The Biocom Institute Education Committee will assist in increasing awareness and participation from the K-12 demographic, including teachers and parents as well as students. This committee will provide valuable input on current needs within the schools as well as major changes in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) from a curriculum standpoint.Their knowledge and insight will help shape the offering of programs and workshops, which will make an impact on teachers and students in the greater San Diego area. Please contact Amanda Coates to join this committee.


Address and resolve issues pertaining to environmental regulatory and safety issues involved with running a life science company. Please contact Melanie Nally to join this committee.


Provide a central forum for the life sciences community for all facilities-related issues as well as current trends in real estate and facility financing opportunities. Please contact Melanie Nally to join this committee.


Address regulatory and scientific issues faced by California’s life science community, at home and abroad. Committee members are at the forefront of FDA’s and other agencies’ activities through regular legislative and regulatory updates and have the opportunity to review and recommend positions on new proposals and guidance. Members also enjoy networking, exchanging best practices, and discussing matters of common interest.

Please contact Laure Fabrega to join this committee.
Please email for more information

Bring the IP/Legal community and the Life Sciences community together through discussion of issues that are pertinent to the community. Please contact Laure Fabrega to join this committee.


Focus on issues at the local, state and federal levels and take positions on various pieces of legislation at all levels of government that will impact the life science industry. Provide the grassroot support necessary for Biocom to effectively advocate for the benefit of the industry. Please contact Jimmy Jackson to join this committee.


Support outreach to the medical technology sector of the life science community to include quarterly events targeting medical technology issues, a needs assessment survey and more. Please contact Michelle Wright to join this committee.


Provide leadership and oversee activities of Biocom in the area of legislative and regulatory affairs, including establishing the organization's official position on legislation and regulatory proposals of interest. Please contact Jimmy Jackson to join this committee.


To discuss ways to create paths for veterans to enter the industry, bringing together key military, educational and biotechnology leaders, the Veterans Initiative Committee plans to create an open environment where current veteran issues related to job readiness and placement are discussed and solutions are established. Please contact Ashley Reynolds to join this committee.


The Biocom Institute Volunteer Committee members will serve as leads during major events such as EXPO Day. This committee will aid in recruiting new volunteers and maintaining current volunteers for events that take place throughout the year. This committee will give input on logistical needs and event preparation.Members will also become ambassadors in the community in terms of marketing our events and attracting new volunteer support.Please contact Karen Overklift to join this committee.

*Board level committee - Prospective committee members must be Biocom Board Members or appointed by a Board Member

Upcoming Committee Hosted Events
North City Pure Water & Reclamation Plant Tour
September 20, 2017
1:00 PM
SDG&E and Biocom Workshop: Sustainable Strategies for Business
September 27, 2017
12:00 PM
Biocom, IFMA, & ISPE Annual Facilities Reception
November 2, 2017
5:00 PM

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