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Clinical Site Management: The Key to Successful Trials


Tue Dec 04 16:00:00 GMT 2018 - Tue Dec 04 18:00:00 GMT 2018


Biocom - McGraw Conference Room
10996 Torreyana Road Suite 200
San Diego, California 92121


Almost nine in ten clinical trials fail. While some failure is inevitable based on the development of the science, this figure is astoundingly, unacceptably high. Especially after spending over a billion dollars on average per trial and over a decade in development.
Why do so many clinical trials fail? There are many of the usual suspects ­– excuses such as lack of efficacy, safety concerns, strategic reasons and economics, or some combination of these.  Bull!
The real reasons: poor study design, increasingly complex protocols, poor trial management, lack of site involvement in study design, and weak teams. Awkward reasons managers don’t like to discuss, because they have to do with the quality of the clinical trial management and site selection. These are things you can do something about.
John Neal Founder and Chairman of PCRS Network, and Vice-Chairman of Association of Clinical Rresearch Professionals (ACRP)


  • Heidi Guthrie, Associate Director, CRO Services, ProSciento, Inc.
  • Claudia Shojai, Clinical Research Manager, DNA Electronics, Inc
  • Lisa Bjornestad, Director Site Alliance, the Americas at PAREXEL

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