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Biocom Venture Day with SR-one


Wed May 03 15:00:00 GMT 2017 - Thu May 04 00:00:00 GMT 2017


Biocom Los Angeles Office
444 South Flower Street
Los Angeles, California 90071


Biocom Venture Day with SR-one

Interested in the latest developments in the venture capital market?  Looking to raise money?  Join us for our first exclusive Biocom Venture Day in Los Angeles with Rajeev Dadoo, Partner, SR-one.

How can you participate?

SR-one is interested in meeting with innovation-oriented companies working towards discovering new drugs, with novel modalities and novel mechanisms of action. 

All therapeutic areas are of interest - must have unmet medical needs in the area. Investment stage span from seed stage through Series stages (A/B/C/etc). 

If you would like to submit your company for review for the one-on-one meetings, please send a one page non-confidential executive summary to Oscar Rodarte at

Important Event Details: 
Event Date: Wednesday, May 3rd
Deadline to submit an application is Wednesday, April 19th 

About Rajeev Dadoo, PhD, Partner, S.R. One, Limited 

Rajeev joined SR One in 2003 and is an alum of the Kauffman Fellows Program. Rajeev has been involved with SR One’s investments in True North, Illuminoss, Avhana, Setpoint, iPierian, Cydex, Hypnion, Predix and Pinnacle.

In addition to his role at SR One, Rajeev spent time with the Competitive Excellence group within GSK working on company-wide strategic projects for GSKs Corporate Executive Team. Prior to SR One, Rajeev worked at Genentech, where his role included technology and clinical development, and at Bio-Rad Laboratories in a product development role. In addition, Rajeev has worked at Genome Therapeutics in the business development role. Rajeev was a co-founder of Unimicro Technologies, a company that was created to develop and commercialize instrumentation for biomedical analysis.

Rajeev received his BA degree in Chemistry and Mathematics from Knox College, his MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and his PhD in Chemistry from Stanford University.

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