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Why Japan?

It all started with Japan Airlines’ announcement in 2013 that it would begin a direct flight from San Diego to Tokyo. Biocom had long been making inroads into the Asian life science marketplace, but the easy direct flight is ultimately what paved the way for a series of business deals that have significantly boosted Japan’s pharmaceutical presence in San Diego.

As of 2014, Biocom operates a full-time satellite office in Tokyo, where a small staff meets with companies and investors interested in California’s talent and U.S. pharmaceutical industry ties. Biocom president and CEO Joe Panetta makes trips to the Tokyo office once or twice two to four times per year, with each trip consistently resulting in new partnerships or liaisons with California-based companies. Now, all of Biocom’s California offices have nearby airports with direct flights to Tokyo.

The ultimate goal: Establish Biocom as the leading portal to Japan for California life sciences companies. As more Asian companies do business here, and as local companies learn of opportunities in Japan, the sector’s economic impact will grow, creating high-paying life science jobs and fueling additional industry expansion.

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Tokyo Office

3-1-13 8fl, Nishi-Ikebukuro
Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 171-0021 Japan


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