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Biocom Tech + Biotech + Medtech

A New Community Shaping the Future of Healthcare

The future of health
“Digital health” is where cutting-edge technology meets healthcare to provide novel and innovative methods of improving human health. Using applications like internet and cloud-based communication, mobile technology, social networking, data management and analytics, and wearable and implantable devices, digital health has already provided a multitude of advancements to healthcare. However, there remains a gap between the future capabilities of digital health and the challenges that remain to leverage it to the fullest potential.

Collaboration for acceleration
Digital health has the ability to provide tools and support for diagnosis, treatment and health monitoring in a faster, more efficient manner. As such, healthcare providers, biotech organizations, medtech manufacturers, as well as patients and consumers all play key roles in realizing this transformation of the healthcare system. By utilizing and improving key collaborative technologies, improved digital connectivity between patients, providers, payers and biotech/medtech companies can be achieved.

Biocom Tech + Biotech + Medtech (TBM)
California’s Silicon Valley and life science ecosystem are uniquely positioned to address these challenges. Biocom’s new Tech+Biotech+Medtech (TBM) community aims to capitalize on existing expertise by creating opportunities for experts from biotechnology, medical technology, clinical and research settings, sensor and semiconductor technologies, data management and integration companies, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other consumer driven technologies to come together to realize the full promise of digital health. Our goal is to accelerate the potential of a truly connected TBM ecosystem, and this forum will serve as a launchpad for limitless collaborative innovation in the digital health space.

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Future Community Events:

Telehealth Becomes Ubiquitous
The circumstances of the US healthcare system under COVID-19 gave rise to much more widespread availability of Telehealth. Numerous constraints were lifted, including reimbursement, application to wider set of health issues, and most importantly, attitudes of patients and health providers. However, in order to take the next step to ubiquity and utility, Telehealth will have to address some additional challenges, including data integration with patient-level devices, intervention beyond consultation, and inter-system health information exchange. Are we up to the task?

Improving Disruption from Where It Works
Disruptive Innovations that provide lower cost mass availability of diagnostics and possibly therapeutics can have regional and worldwide impact. How to learn, understand, and produce new widely available T+B+M solutions, diagnostics and therapeutics that are being developed and deployed in the early-affected areas. These solutions can then be scaled and adapted to global health solutions.

Humanitarian Distribution of Therapeutic Drugs
As effective drugs and vaccines become available, orderly distribution will be essential to the impact that they can have. Pre-planning for distribution, dissemination, and medical use can be based on accepted practice from similar circumstances, but must be scaled up to much larger populations and possibly shorter duration.

Re-starting in the New Bio-Economy
As capital markets face uncertainty, the development of critical therapeutics will require alternative funding. What IPO and alliance data is telling us. What is happening to the IPO Class? We explore lessons learned about re-starting, re-purposing, and re-booting. A set of investment instruments can enhance or offset current funding mechanisms. This can involve government, NGO, and private investment acting together to support the development of critical health solutions.

Effective IP Process
Intellectual property processes provide a support foundation for work in the discovery, development and deployment of critically needed therapeutics. Creating and deploying permanent and temporary processes to enhance the ability of intellectual property to flow the highest priority and most affected health challenges.

Past Community Events:

September 24 | 2020: The Year of TRUE Convergence of TECH+BIOTECH+MEDTECH in Healthcare
This is NOT another COVID event, but a look at how the global pandemic has changed the way life science companies operate, make deals and keep their technologies moving forward. It is also a look at how TECH+BIOTECH+MEDTECH have converged at an accelerated pace and what it might mean for the future of healthcare.


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