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Venture Days

Biocom’s Capital Development team is focused on attracting greater investment dollars to California’s life science industry to spur innovation and create new opportunities for early-stage companies to pursue their missions of improving the human condition worldwide.

Our Venture Days are one of the best ways for members to access novel sources of funding. The program, which takes place regularly throughout the year in the form of one or multi-day events, allows companies to meet with featured life science, biotechnology, or pharmaceutical capital investment firm interested in adding specific technologies or research to their portfolio.

During these unique venture partnering sessions, companies and their investor counterparts can explore possible matches between innovation and investment. Venture Days often also include a plenary session, networking reception, or both, giving attendees an opportunity to expand their contact lists and discuss their backgrounds in an informal setting.

Our experienced team works with members at every stage of their business to match them with investment venture firms that best fit their strengths. Whether you are a small biotech company seeking early funding, pharma in late-stage development, or a large company or investor looking to develop your portfolio, Biocom can connect you. In the last three years, the Capital Development Initiative has connected about 390 life science companies to direct sources of funding.

“Your work has truly made an impact on the San Diego biotech ecosystem, and significantly increased our outreach to the San Diego biotech community.”

Yinghong Gao, Executive Director of Business Development, Viva Biotech

Locations and regions
Our Venture Days take place throughout the state and focus specifically on drawing investors to meet with biotech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Each event is tailored to the needs and strengths of each region. Due to the changing business climate, many Venture Days are now held virtually by video conference. From the investment side, our team brings in biotech venture capital firms from all over California, the United States, and the world and is always looking for new interested parties to come meet with California companies and explore for themselves the valuable work being done by growing organizations throughout our diverse life science regions.

More Information

What is Venture Capital? Venture Capital is just one way investors can help finance companies through private equity. It generally comes from a fund that spreads its investments out strategically to create a portfolio that encompasses a range of companies and subsectors. The Venture Capital industry has evolved in recent years to become a sophisticated market with many unique parties and strategies involved.

How does Venture Capital work? Venture Capital investments are typically made in rounds and sometimes come with managerial or technical expertise that can help companies reach specified goals to get them and their technology to a place where they can open their doors for subsequent rounds of funding, or pursue other avenues of growth like public funding, acquisitions, or partnerships. The terms of funding and company equity are negotiated on an investment-by-investment basis between company and investment firm.

How to apply for Biotech Venture Capital. Biocom’s Venture Days take the approach of creating opportunities for organic investments to be made. While we don’t specifically broker applications for capital investments, our team researches our 1,300+ members as well as interested venture firms to help identify backers most likely to be interested in specific companies, and helps those companies make their proposals as attractive as possible.

In addition, our team stays abreast of the rapidly changing investment markets and help companies understand those trends so they can focus on their technology. Members can view upcoming Venture Days on our Events Calendar and register to attend, after which they will receive additional information on their potential fit for the particular Venture Day. Companies and investors can also contact our Capital Development team directly with any inquiries.

How does Biocom choose Venture Day programming? Biocom’s Capital Development team works closely with our Capital Development Committee to understand all capital development and life science, biotech, and pharmaceutical venture capital trends. Our team and the committee work together to plan workshops, identify and develop themes and participate in community outreach to biopharmaceutical companies, venture funds and angel investors.

In turn, our Capital Development team is constantly making new connections to expand our network and create new opportunities for our life science members and we are always open to inquiries and feedback from our members to help create more targeted and productive Venture Days.


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