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Advertise your News and Events

Increase Your Visibility with the Biocom California Network

Members are encouraged to share news and events to be included in Biocom’s monthly newsletter known as the Biocom California Newsletter and throughout Biocom California’s social media channels. Learn how to submit your news and events below.

Newsletter Submissions

The Biocom California Newsletter has a mailing list of over 10,000 subscribers and is released the second and fourth Thursday of every month. To submit a news brief or event announcement to the Biocom California Newsletter, please send an under 500 word article in an unformatted word document, ensuring all pertinent details and links to more information or event registration links are included. Biocom California aims to provide readers with factual, informational, and engaging content. We ask that members keep this in mind when crafting articles.

Additional Information

  • Members can submit three company news briefs and event announcements per year
  • Premium Members can submit 12 news briefs and event announcements per year
  • Graphics and logos should be submitted as high resolution .jpg or .png images via email with newsletter articles
  • Biocom California Newsletter submissions must be turned in by EOD the Tuesday prior to newsletter coming out

Social Media Submissions

Members can submit content three times per year to be announced via Biocom’s Twitter handles (@BiocomCA, @BiocominLA, and @BiocominSF). Ideal types of content for Twitter include but are not limited to breaking company news, a recent accomplishment made by the company or leaders within, or an inside look at company initiatives and projects.

Additional Information

  • Premium Members can submit 12 news briefs and event announcements per year
  • All members can submit a social media graphic to accompany the tweet – please make sure all graphics submitted are sized to 1200 pixels wide by 628 pixels tall
  • Members with job openings can share their career opportunities with Biocom California to promote via Biocom California’s
    LinkedIn company page six times per year
  • Premium members can submit promotion of up to 12 career opportunities for their company
  • All members are encouraged to share thought leadership LinkedIn articles relevant to the life science
    Additional Information

Submit Your News or Event