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Your Member Benefits Dashboard



Stay on top of your membership with a comprehensive, real-time report of your benefits
View benefits across 4 major categories: Purchasing savings, Events participation, Committee involvement, and many other Visibility benefits. Each of the tabs below show detailed views across all benefit categories. The default layout of this report shows the past 8 quarters of activity, in which your company has saved a total of , but you can view custom time periods by selecting other options from the Time Frame dropdown. Thank you for being a valued Biocom member – we look forward to connecting with you even more in 2020 & beyond.
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Purchasing Savings
Additional Benefits
i Narrow your results to the parent or a subsidiary company
Time Frame
i Narrow your results for a particular calendar year or rolling quarters
i Narrow your results for a particular office location
As a trusted advisor and industry partner, Biocom Purchasing Group harnesses the collective purchasing power of over 1,300 member companies, matching best-in-class service providers with deep discounts, special terms and conditions, and other unique concessions available exclusively to our members. Your company has saved over the – a real-time calculation based off of a combination of previous spend and in some cases, list price. Please click here to schedule a meeting to review your information in more detail.
Total savings