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Yan Liu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California

Yan is developing novel machine learning models that help the doctors decipher big data so they can provide better care to patients. “I feel very fortunate to be at a unique intersection between artificial intelligence and life science,” says Yan, who pioneered fundamental technologies in machine learning for health care, including innovations for improved ICU care, cancer care and drug-intake monitoring. She currently works closely with Samsung to develop deep learning solutions for new-generation smart care of diabetes patients; her lab will help create wearable health devices with artificial intelligent technologies. She also holds six patents as outcomes of her research work, with four more patent applications in review. Yan says her best inspiration is a very special human: “Raising my daughter teaches me a lot about how human beings learn languages, acquire knowledge and socialize with others, which serves as great guidance for me to develop more effective machine learning models.”