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Kiverdi, Inc.

3946 Trust Way
Hayward,   California
United States
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Membership Type: Industry
Membership Since: 2019
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About Kiverdi, Inc.
Biotech Company
Kiverdi, Inc., is a privately held biotech company developing beneficial uses of carbon dioxide with a mission to commercialize innovations that will help to sustainably power a growing world. Kiverdi’s bio-process uses natural microorganisms to convert carbon dioxide into raw materials that can be used to manufacture everyday products. Similar to plants, Kiverdi’s bio-process converts carbon dioxide, along with other simple mineral nutrients and gases, into bio-based raw materials for everyday products. The Kiverdi process requires 3-4 orders of magnitude less land than traditional agriculture and significantly less water, and can be fed a concentrated source of carbon dioxide as one might do with a greenhouse …
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